Love the Sinner

My love for you holds no regrets.
My love knows you and sees you.
It holds you not at a distance but closely.
My love may anticipate but never does it wait.
It will not wait for you to become better, it will not wait for you to match up, it will not wait.
It holds you not under a scope, it accepts you at whatever rate.
there are no deadlines here, there are no expectations here, there is no judgment here.
There is only you and my love, naked and unashamed.
There is only you, all of you with no exception, and my love.
You, just as you are, in my love.
I love you not only for who you will become but, if nothing else, I love you for who you are right now.
nothing can separate my love from you.


Amanda Ellis said…
wow. this is beautiful. is it from a humans perspective or Gods? or both?
wellis68 said…
is anything just from God's or from human perspective alone?

Immanuel, God with us.