The Peace Sign

Thanks to my good friend Rick Ellis, now I know that the peace sign is 50 years old this year. I learned from Rick's blog post that the Peace Sign is the combination of two symbols for N and D standing for "Nuclear Disarmament." I hadn't really thought about it much but I never knew that the peace symbol really stood for anything intrinsically. Nuclear Disarmament meant a lot more in the 60's than it may for us today. Nuclear threat is just not an apparent reality to us here in comfortable America. And it seems we have lost interest in those who actually are under real violent threat.

Like its' meaning, the peace sign has been lost. What used to be a powerful statement in the face of threats of annihilation from oppressive world powers has lost it's vigor and has been consumed by "the market." It stands to us as little more than a cute sticker for your mini-van or something to wear on 70's night. Perhaps we should think about reviving this symbol, or at least affirming it for what it was intended to be wherever we see it.

As Rick said, "May the movement to achieve peace never die. And may those seeking peace discover it."

Indeed may peace be, to us, a powerful symbol of freedom and hope in the face of the violence we see in the world. Moreover, let peace be, to us, not just the absence of struggle and conflict but truly the shalom of God in the midst of violence. The shalom which stares down violence with eyes open and leads us out beyond toward true reconciliation and dynamic forgiveness. Let's take back the peace sign.