Happy Birthday MyManda!!!

Today is my wonderful and beautiful girlie friend Amanda's birthday! She has finally reached the ripe old age of 21 and, therefore, can drink beer with me... although I don't think she will be much of a beer drinker. I have already given her two of her presents: Shane Claiborne's new book, Jesus for President, and a four-pack of BJ's Blue Hawaiian.

This is an entry from my prayer journal which I wrote on 3/1/08.
Amanda is a constant reminder to me of beauty and goodness. She gives me hope whenever I become overwhelmed by the reality of the principalities and powers which are, at times, so hopelessly heavy upon me. Whenever I am overcome by grief, just a brushing glance upon her face can renew me again. She is harmony in chaos, mystery in a world so cruelly obsessed with "better," "faster," and "more." She is a gift, but never a possession. A help but never a commodity. She embodies hope for me. She makes me realize that the world is not just systems and structures, it is people with faces.
Thank you, Yahweh, for everything which comes to me through human hands (hands you love), and for everything that comes to me that no hand could ever manage. Amen.
Happy Birthday Amanda! I love you!!!! You are precious to me.


Rev. Kidd said…
Great picture Wes!

Blessings on your journey this year!