Consumer Jesus

Sometimes I like to go onto google and search for random images of whatever comes to mind (with my porn filter on of course, you never know what might come up on any given search). Does this mean I have a lot of time on my hands? Or does it just mean I don't spend what little time I have wisely? You decide. Nevertheless, not too long ago I was randomly searching for images of crucifixes... I've been fascinated by them lately. It's interesting how different Jesus looks in some than in others. Sometimes he looks like a white gymnast, skinny but muscular. Sometimes he looks like a quarterback. Refreshingly, sometimes Jesus looks like an indigenous farmer or immigrant worker... I think this is a much more convincing depiction of Jesus. When I was searching, I found this one. I don't know who made it, what they meant for it to say, or what they used it for but there it was on google images. I think it speaks volumes about how we have domesticated Jesus and re-created him in our image, the image of consumerism. We have exploited the gospel and masked its flesh and blood to meet our ends and to gain benefit for ourselves. This image speaks volumes of the religion of our culture.


Friar Tuck said…
This is a great discovery. I think it is true of many of us in ministry as well as in "the world".