Jake Thomas Mortier

Life has been busy which is actually ironic because it’s Christmas break. I just finished my second-to-last semester of School at APU… Yet graduation doesn’t feel any closer. Because I haven’t been bloging, I haven’t yet had the chance to announce the newest member of my family. My sister-in-law went into labor on December 15th and Jake Thomas Mortier, my newest nephew, was born at 6:15am on December 16th. He still looks kinda like a rodent from the pictures but I haven’t seen him in person yet. I’m planning on going down there very soon.

Also, yesterday was my 1st anniversary with my amazing girlfriend Amanda. We went to Julian, ate lunch in the Julian Café, got candy from the candy mine, got cider from the cider mill, got pie from the Julian Pie Company, and then went back to my house and watched Christmas movies. It was a good day!


Greg McKelvey said…
Good day , I just found you blog today and have enjoyed reading. I am a pastor in Maine! cold and lots of snow on the ground! I pray you have a great Christmas in the Lord. Enjoy that baby , they are a gife from God.

Merry Christmas
Danny said…
congratulations on your baby.
I mean.
Well. You know what I mean.
And congratulations on your anniversary!