Boston 2

Today's my brother's wedding… yippy hooray!

We're planning on visiting Harvard Square to see Harvard University. I also hope to get a chance to go and see Fenway Park (it’s the most historical sight in Boston isn’t it?). There’s so much Church in this city—so many beautiful churches and so much U.S. church history. My parents already went and saw it but I hope to at least drive by The Old North Church, the oldest active church building in Boston. Built in 1723, it has hosted many great names in church history including Charles Wesley.

So far I’ve bee overwhelmed by the beautiful architecture and the abundance of Boston Red Sox fans. Did I mention that I will be watching the Patriots and the Chargers here in Boston (not in the stadium) tomorrow? The Chargers had better win, I don’t want to be surrounded by patriot fans with a broken heart.

I’m working on a few posts (in my head). I’ll be back to some more theological posting when I get back to Cali.


Amanda Ellis said…
I want to go there sometime! From what you tell me and the beautiful pictures it reminds me ALOT of Philly.

I'm glad you are having such an amazing time! I can't wait to see you Tues and here more about it. :)