The God of My Reflection

I was once told that “the most important thing about you is what you think about God.” I’m finding that to be true more and more as I study theology and as I interact with people. The way we see God will directly affect what is important to us and how we treat people. Either we will end up looking like God or God will end up looking like us. If we see God as someone who is primarily concerned with keeping his people away from trouble, then we will be very disappointed when we run into trouble. If we see God as someone who cares more about being king than He does with being a servant then compassion will take the backseat behind conquest. If God withholds himself from people then we will think little of withholding ourselves from others. If God is loving and caring then we will be loving and caring.

But what are we really doing? Are we conforming ourselves to our view of God or are we conforming God to our view of ourselves?

If you’re honest with yourself can you say that you believe in the God of the Bible? Or do you just believe in the God that seems to be most like you—or most like what you want to be? Too often we look down into the well of God’s truth and see nothing but our own reflection.

I want to see the God who transcends my thoughts about Him. Let us never begin to worship our concept of God rather than God Himself. Let us honestly and earnestly seek God beyond our own reflection.

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Agent X said…
sounds dangerous

deep cutting thoughts today

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