The Song He's Writing

I have a nasty habit of ignoring God.

I don’t mean that I don’t care what He wants from me—in fact I’m obsessed with that. It’s that I do not realize how much He’s done for me. I tend to attribute everything to coincidence. Why would God really do the simple things? Sometimes I just think of Him as someone who wants me to do certain things and live a certain way and react to whatever circumstance that comes along. I don’t usually see Him as someone who orchestrates everything that happens in my life. Why would He anyway? He’s got bigger fish to fry. Lately I’m learning to stop thinking that way.

I have seen that God’s transcendence allows Him to be immanent beyond my expectation. He orchestrates things. He brings people into my life and He changes me. How dare I neglect to see that? How dare I neglect to thank Him?

I thank God for the people He has brought into my life. I thank Him for the beautiful song He’s writing.


Anonymous said…
Funny how so many of us tend to get caught up in that thinking.... he is writing a beautiful song though, isn't he?