Flowers From The Rain

If only I knew, when I thought my world had ended, what was coming! If I only I had seen this day. I might not have been so angry. I might not have been so frustrated and so bitter. I would have seen that God can be trusted and that things do get better sometimes. I had to see that, and God has used the most unlikely of circumstances to show me that. I had my life figured out, but it didn’t go that way. God had a bigger plan, a greater ambition for my life. Who knows why He cares so much, but He has brought me here. He has given me peace!

I see my life reopening in so many ways. I’m finding newness in life. God wanted me to be ok. He wanted me to have peace. He wanted me to be content with whatever happens, and for the first time I can remember I have it. There are a lot of directions that my life could go now and for the first time I can remember I’m ok with whichever direction it goes.

So here’s the beginning again… I’ve never been here before.

Essential to the Christian faith is hope. Hope precedes knowledge, it precedes belief, and it even precedes faith. Without hope we cannot believe something as bold as the gospel. We have believed—we have faith because we have hope. We have hope that things can get better. When we lose sight of that we lose sight of the grace of God.

So we continue to hope, in whichever circumstance we find ourselves in because we want things to get better. We keep hoping even while our faith is in the dumps because God’s love and grace will always trump our pain and bring flowers from the rain.

So here I am... another fresh start!


Anonymous said…
I like your thoughts. I pray that the newness of life and of God is opened to your eyes everyday. I pray that you see and recognize God's amazing blessings. =]