Tony Campolo on Homosexuality

I know I said I'd bring the homosexuality issue to a close and I will but today Tony Campolo came to chapel. You'll never guess what his topic was... yep... homosexuality. I'm linking his talk not to give us any more to argue about but maybe to give us something to agree on. Please listen to what he has to say if you can take the time. Campolo says some things I love (most of it) and some things I'm still not sure about (at least one point). If you have any interest in educating yourself on this topic I suggest you take the next hour and listen. I think both sides of the argument will fell alot closer together after this.


It will also be on my sidebar.


Dan McGowan said…
"Moving On" only works when we, er, uh - actually - er, uh - MOVE ON! LOL... I'll listen to Mr. T.
wellis68 said…
Sorry man. I just thought we (not just you and me but the whole conversation) left off on a very bad note and I thought this message might unite some of our thinking. Now we can move on... we don't even need to discuss Campolo's talk. Sorry and Thanks.
Dan McGowan said…
I could not get the link to work - probably an issue on my end... I'll try again on a different computer.
wellis68 said…
Sorry. It's working on my end. I hope you can get it.