Jim Wallis at APU

Jim Wallis, author of God's Politics, spoke in our chapel today (here at APU). He is "a Christian leader for social change, is a speaker, author, activist, and international commentator on ethics and public life. He founded Sojourners – Christians for Justice and Peace – more than 30 years ago and continues to serve as the editor of Sojourners magazine, covering faith, politics, and culture." (http://www.apu.edu/chapel/calendar/spring/) He had some very interesting things to say about the role of the Church not only in social justice but in politics as well. You can listen by clicking below.

If you're interested CLICK HERE


Dan McGowan said…
Hey, Wes - my daughter is a freshman at APU!! We are from SoCal originally, so she was anxious to get "back home." We moved to Denver about 8 years ago - so now we are making trips BACK to Calif every so often - to visit her, etc. She had a very rough go of it out of the gate, cuz she came in mid-term (January.) But since then has made friends. She began as a SpeechCom major but will be switching to Spanish with a minor in vocal music - she is an amazing musician!

Great to know another APU person!