In search of myself...

If you’re trying to be anyone else other than you, stop! Not only do we not need another of anyone else but this aching you feel, this heaviness you feel will kill what’s left of the you we need. Stop trying so hard to be someone else. Quit looking for someone else in that mirror, you’re the only one who is really in there anyone else you think you see is counterfeit. Stop searching those words you’ve spoken for someone else. Stop seeking your identity in them, in what you do or have done. Your identity only lies in the one who gave it to you, who created you in His image. Be free. Be free from the chains you bear. Be free from them. Be free from trying to be someone “bigger.” Be free. Be the you that God created you to be, the you that God loves, that God demands nothing more from.

We are in new creation working toward a new Sabbath; a day of rest where the renewal of creation is finished and we can rest. We will rest because we are who God has made us to be and He demands nothing more from us. So the reason this life is such hard work is not because we have to be better people. Our work is the pursuit of ourselves. Though you think you are somehow becoming better by sounding or acting like someone else, you are working for nothing. You were not created to be them, you were created to be you and you will not find that in anyone else.


SteveW said…
"We will rest because we are who God has made us to be and He demands nothing more from us."

yes! yes! yes!

May we all do just that.

Wonderful thoughts Wes.
wellis68 said…
thanks. The concept you pulled out from my post has been ringing in my ears. God demands nothing from us except who we are.
Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like Rob Bell (actually his psychologist) - "Your job is the relentless pursuit of who God has made you to be."

This is something I've been going through lately, so it was really good to read thes words from you. I'm not quite sure yet what I think about it all, but your words will add to the conversation in my head.
wellis68 said…
Thanks Victor,
I'm glad to hear others are dealing with some of these issues.