See Jesus Through A Leper's eyes...

I just read an amazing post on John Frye’s blog Jesus the radical pastor I encourage you all to read this article and see Jesus through a leper’s eyes.

We can so often get caught up in the theologies and dogma’s of Jesus we lose sight of His real mission and the reality of His healing. “Clean. Oh to be clean!”

I also wanted to let you all know about the return of Danny to the blogsphere. He's come back with a bang and has just posted an awesome article called Lord, help me. I encourage you all to follow his blog, He's a good friend of mine from school with slightly less screwed up theology. Enjoy!


wellis68 said…

I'm glad you said that because I hope that people would be willing to "Dirtying their hands with the grime of the unlovely" in me. I'm pretty dirty in some places but I never really feel like anybody wants to get that dirty with me or else they'll judge me. That's why it's so important for us to withold judgement.
Dolores said…
What you just said really rang true. If we judge, we might not want to touch the unclean. So we have to approach them with the pure love of Jesus. Someone said the other day that if the church will step up in helping the people of the Gulf Coast, disappointment with the government's response will not be an issue. I hope that we will step up and touch the unclean of our generation. We have many opportunities to see his face right now. Let's not miss them!

By the way, why aren't you in class? ( :
John Frye said…
Hi, Wes!
Thanks for linking the post about the leper meeting Jesus. I appreciate your insightful comments.
wellis68 said…
thanks so much for stopping by.