two great books...

I’m reading through two books right now, one in my free time and one on the toilet (believe me it’s the best place to gather your thoughts and take in information.

My toilet book is “beyond bumper sticker ethics” by Steve Wilkens, a Philosophy professor at Azusa Pacific University (where I go to school). To buy it from Treasures the ISBN # Is 0830815279.

My free time book, that is teaching me a lot, is called “Adventures in missing the point.” Brian Mclaren and Tony Campolo came together on this one alternating chapters. It’s got chapters on everything from “women in ministry” to “homosexuality” to “the kingdom of God.” The ISBN # is 0310253845 if you want to buy it from Treasures.

They're both incredible books, they'll stretch you... especially "missing the point"


IMO said…
So if you know Brian McLaren, you read the one I was speaking of? I REALLY like him.
IMO said…
Pray for me, I don't often actually "finish" a book but I'm on my way.