God made it work

Things happen in life that i just don't understand.

These past few days Ashley and I have been at the Indonesian Evangelical Church summer youth retreat. I was invited there as a speaker, that's one of those things I don't understand. We actually ended up enjoying ourselves (much to my suprise) and eating ALOT. We had chinese for every meal. if you ever find yourself speaking at an Indonesian camp... come hungry. When they offer you seconds and thirds they don't take "no" for an answer. I'm still full.

I spoke at four sessions on the theme "U-turns Allowed." I spoke about the eopic of repentance and how Jesus call to "repent" sounds negative to us sometimes and sort of leaves a bad taste in our mouths. I think the reason for this is because we often focus so much on wheat we're "repenting" from and we forget what we're being called to "repent" toward. Repentance is a gift! To repent is to return or U-turn back to God's original idea for our life. This word "repent" was "T'shuva" before Jesus ever showed up, so it wasn't new when He came, it just made sense to Him. Jesus got it! But we usually don't.

Soon I'll have to blog what exactally I talked about.

Anyway, I made it (that's another thing I don't understand) somehow God made this work. He put a 19 year old kid in a camp to talk to kids, barely younger than Him, about life and God just made it work. I've now added four times speaking to my experience chart and that brings me up to.... oh, four times. God was good to me this week.

Thanks all of you for all your prayers, they must have worked. Soon I'll post each of my "talks" or "sermons" or whatever you call them.


IMO said…
You did great dude! Stay humble because God will continue to use you. The minute we begin to think that we are OK and we have it all handled and we can do this...we are not relying on Him.

In a room full of Pastors last week, the speaker asked all who were Pastors to raise their hands. My husband was the only one in the room who did not. He sees himself as just a person and does not like the attention. He would never be caught dead standing on a pulpit above everyone else.
Paula said…
What a great story, Wes! I love it! God knows what He is doing and He obviously knew you'd let Him speak through you at this retreat.

And . . . I love getting to do that U-turn back to God. Isn't it amazing that He is always there, welcoming us, no matter what.
Stephanie said…
Glad you had a good time and you told a great story. Hearing your story inspires me to keep giving the reins to God for the situation I'm currently in. Thank you for continually sharing your journey. :)