Metro Kids

Today was the last full day at the Team conference. We spent the majority of the day hanging out with the kids in the projects of Los Angeles. We set up game stations with water baloons, whiffelball, basketball, etc. We even gave a student the opportunity to share a scripture lesson which was brilliant. she shared in a fresh way the story of "the good sameritan." I say it was brilliant because it's message had nothing to do with what happens when you die. It was a message of loving your neighbor. It was a call not just to Jesus but to people I think Jesus would have liked the message quite alot.

These were kids who lived at poverty levels I can't even relate to and we gave them hope and encouragement and a day to take their minds off of the trouble around them and onto playing like kids should. AWESOME!


To give children a chance to play...what a wonderful ministry.
So few of the world's children get to play. Will heaven be a giant play ground, where we can all run and laugh and toss a ball with out fear or stress????