Today in sunday school we talked about wholeness and forgiveness. We talked about what's undernieth the skin of revenge. We talked about the wounds we have from past experiences and how they infect us and age and mold within us until light is shined on them and God deals with them in us.

After church and after breakfast at Sizzler, with all this in mind, I overheard one of my friends telling an obviouse lie to someone on the phone. As the conversation continued I asked "are you planning on telling them the truth eventually?" she answered "no they can rot for all I care," ironic, I thought. She was conversing with a family member who she apparently had not forgiven for some past hardships and was carrying a heavy burden for, she obviousely has some wounds.

What I thought was ironic about her comment was in her lie the person she said could rot for all she cared was the only one who wasn't. Lies infect us, they swell in us, they rot in us. She was the one, in lying, who was rotting.

God calls us to a holy wholness, completely exposed to God, who is a healing river. When we neglect God from our darkest issues they only start smelling worse, with the smell of decay. Remember what i said in my last post about Shalom? Does this bottled up hidden wounding sound like peace? Does it sound like the life we've been promised in Christ?

Let God shine light into the dark places of your life and please, for your sake, don't make new ones.


Ah yes, Our God is a healing river...but isn't it hard sometimes to let God's light shine on those wounds and sins, when others who may judge without love and shalom might see them, reopen them, reinfect them?
And lies become so much easier in a world where the truth is so often twisted. People will believe what they want to believe anyway.
IMO said…
I agree totally. I have personally experienced the hurt of others and it is really hard. We think initially that lying will be easier. Family can hurt the worst sometimes, but lying, even delaying the truth only makes it worse. I tell my children that there is always a consequence to a bad action that affects us in a negative way, eventually. God had reasons for the rules he made, for OUR best interest.