The microscope of daily life.

Lately I've had a number of conversations concerning the new Bible Translation distributed by Zondervan. The TNIV (Todays New International Version) is comparable in reading style to the New Living Translation produced by Tyndale. In many respects it's just the Zondervan marketing answer to the NLT except for a very contovertial difference.

The TNIV is not gender specific in places where the word "brothers" or "bretheren" is used, instead it might say "my children" or "my friends."

Most of the people I've shared thoughts on this with have expressed deep concern with the cultural change. It's only being replaced in appropriate places where the cultural language would have been general. What's wrong with that?

I think sometimes we think of the bible as a sort of magic puzzle where if I put all the pieces together right God will talk to me. it's not like that. I believe that God is in our midst He can speak to me any way He wants, in anything in any circumstance. Studying the Bible should be read to better understand God but It should be by no means the only way we understand God.

Scholars will never depend on an English Translation of the Bible. The original manuscripts will always be our guide, so it's silly to worry about this new translation. The scriptures, through this translation, can come alive just like any other translation and if you somehow develop an entire theology around a verse without subjecting it to detailed analysis then you are foolish.

When you read scripture allow God to be made manifest in the words and come alive.

Test the words of scripture under the microscope of daily life that's where you'll find the real things to be concerned about.


I have posted this before, and I will post it again, I am sure.

1. The Bible is a book, just that. Not Magic, not an Idol, not a Totem. The version produced by men in a country called England in the year 1611 is no more perfect or important than the recent proclamation of Matthew in the Sena language of tribal people in Mozambique.

2. JESUS is the Word of God, the Revelation of God to us, the book (bible) is simply a record of how God has acted in human lives and how He calls us to understand His love as exemplified by His Son, Jesus. It was written and
preserved by flawed men struggling to transmit what they believed was God's Spirit speaking to us. My trust and faith is in Jesus, not in this book that transmits His record to me.

Modern textual criticism has provided us with the knowledge that, though minor differences are in the record, the main witness to the Word of God, Jesus is clear enough to speak to our hearts and save our souls.

My thought and opinions are my own