The goal of Jesus...

How important were Jesus teachings?

Often it seem that our biggest concern in life is where we're going when we die. When I read scripture it doesn't seem to me that that was the main concern. Did Jesus ever preachand give and alter call? Did anyone in the Bible recite a "sinners" prayer? No. Jesus cared, really cared about life. Jesus had compassion for people in physical need. We regard life as though the ultimated goal of all mankind is heaven when we die. What if the goal is something now, durring life. What if heaven naturally results from another goal?

If you agree with me and you believe that heaven is here then this concept is probably not very wierd to you. If you're confused about my saying "heaven is here" read my post "whatever is good" (it's the very first posted on this site.) If this is true than our lives must look different. Jesus called us to be His desciples, He called us to be like Him. Thanks to Him this is possible. In beinglike Christ we have to take his teachings seriousely. His teachings were about opening up the Kingdom of God to everyone, the poor, the oprressed, the abandoned. Jesus want's to reconsile the world. He wants to redeem everything. That's the goal.