Off To Maui

Today Amanda and I are leaving for Maui, Hawaii for a much needed vacation. No, we're not rich... my parents are paying for the room and board, we just had to pay air fare. We're going with my brother Joel, his wife Becky, and our two nephews as well as my parents. We've both been feeling so exhausted from work and life and everything in between. This will be a much needed rest. I plan on reading quite a bit and among the books I'm taking with me is Marva Dawn's Keeping the Sabbath Wholly. Hawaii will be a great backdrop for rethinking the importance of Sabbath in my life.



Wes, you're not supposed to read about sabbath when you're on vacation; you're supposed to enjoy the experience of sabbath. *head shaking*
wellis68 said…
Haha good point Steve. It actually seems to help. Im in dire need of a refresher on just how to celebrate Sabbath. Daily readings from Dawn have actually helped me get the most out of my time off. Plus, I'm gonna read anyway... no vacation is complete without a good book :)