Pat Robertson on Haiti

This is just sad...

Pat Robertson just doesn't get it... the people of Haiti are in no more a "pact" with the Devil than the people of America. Jesus suffers with the Haitians.


Danny said…
When I saw that I was so upset. Olbermann wouldn't even play the clip because it thought it would somehow lend creedence to that idiot. I swear I think the guy does it for the ratings. He knows that we are all going to repost it and then he'll get a bunch of media attention.
Mark said…
You should check out Donald Miller's blog in response to this. Pretty funny.
Danny said…
Apparently Satan responded to Pat Robertson here:
nate said…
I actually read a story in the wall street journal today about a young woman trapped under rubble. Rescuers knew where she was because she was singing "Jesus will save me." Upon being rescued, the crowd chanted "thank you Jesus, thank you."

Here is a link to the story:

I was reminded of the Sodom and Gommorah, in which God said he would withhold judgment if Abraham could find one righteous person. The Wall Street Journal found a few.

I'm not going to say that Pat Robertson is heartless or completely (though he came close) missed the point of the gospel...he did speckle his comments with a teeny bit of gospel by saying he was helping the suffering.

So, Robertson's theology is off. Unfortunately, so many out there are using this as yet another opportunity to deride and divide the church. I.E. since when is acceptable to tell another believer to "go To Hell?"

At times we need to reprove our brothers, like Paul did to Peter, but it must be done in love and gently. Raushenbush's comment isn't doing anybody any good.

Anyway, I agree with you. I think America is more deserving of the wrath of God than Haiti. This earthquake, in my opinion, was not that (JUDGMENT) was just an unfortunate earthquake, and our response must be to love.