One Extreme to Another

I have to thank Sam Andress, once again, for posting something we should all see.

The video below of Frank Schaeffer, son of Francis Schaeffer who played an integral role in the formation of the "Christian Right," is either a story of conversion or "backsliding," depending on your perspective.

It may be true that Frank has shifted from one extreme point of view (Christian right) to the other (referring to the election of Barack Obama as a "Miracle"), but nevertheless, you've got to wonder what the future holds for the Christian Right and for Christian fundamentalists. I fear that as their numbers grow fewer and fewer, they will become more and more aggressive and divisive.


Amanda Ellis said…
I enjoyed that video, since Francis Shaffer was a huge part of my life growing up home schooled. I also liked hearing when he said that the Christian Right wasn't bad in the beginning. Their intentions were good, but like most things, it took a turn for the worst in becoming so extreme. Good video.

And I laughed out loud when he said the 20 million of 300 million were like the annoying loud guy on the subway. HA!
wellis68 said…
Yeah... you should show that video to your parents... But they probably wouldn't get a kick out of it.
Amanda Ellis said…
Haha, yeah. I think I'll just post it somewhere they'll see, and they can click if they want.

It's funny too that he mentions Rush Limbaugh, cause you and I were just talking about him yesterday.