550th post

This is the 550th post of this blog's history. I thought that today would be a good time to remind myself what this blog is all about. This blog is about searching and celebration, searching for the Kingdom of God, that place where the imagination of God is brought to bear upon the world, and celebrating it, whatever is good, wherever we find it even if it is discovered in unexpected places.

One truth of the gospel is that the Kingdom of God is here! It is here and it is invading the space we find ourselves in. Wherever the hungry are fed, the lonely are given company, the naked are clothed, and the broken are made whole there the Kingdom of God can be discovered. Jesus said "the Kingdom of God is among you" and he wasn't just joking, he was quite serious about that. He was calling us to reveal it to, live it, to allow it to be seen, and to hear the cry of the oppressed.

Who are people who live in the kingdom? Who are people for whom the Kingdom of God is reality? It is those who long for it, those who search for it, those who celebrate it, and those who participate with God in implementing it in the world. As we long for, hope in, and strive for the Kingdom it becomes to us the only thing that is true. All the suffering, and the pain, all the oppression of sin and violence can no longer be accepted, no longer be tolerated, and no longer makes sense to us because they are not true, they are not the Kingdom of God. Therefore those who are living in that reality, those who are living in the Kingdom, can not help but live differently, can no longer help but hear the cry, can no longer ignore the calling of Jesus, "come follow me." Those living in the Kingdom are revolutionaries who will never become emperors for the Kingdom of God is no system like that of Pax Romana or Capitalism. Those living in the Kingdom stand in solidarity with the oppressed and will never become the oppressor. Those living in the Kingdom dream God's dreams for the world, God's dreams are God's Kingdom.

As we search for whatever is good, celebrating as we find it and creating it where we do not, our lives are lived by the reality of the here and now Kingdom of God. Heaven is crashing into earth and those who are living in the Kingdom are part of it all.


Anonymous said…
happy anniversary...

you are half-way to 1100 posts.

I just recently passed a threshold on my blog too....


It's kinda weird.