Election Ramblings

In this election season I would really like to pick a candidate and indulge myself in trusting them--trusting that they're gonna do it right and just get behind them like I'd get behind a sports team. But I have, to this point, withstood this temptation. I may just be too cynical (and I'm sure this is true to an extent) but I just don't trust the system altogether. I guess I just don't trust that anyone who would really be able to change what should be changed could actually make it this far, especially as far a the White House. I notice how often Americans get behind someone in the election and a few short years later they end up disappointed, disillusioned, and hating the guy they were so excited about and voted for. I think I am just a bit too cynical, though. It's a good thing to get behind someone and indulge in hope. It's a good thing to trust... it's even worth it after the seventy-times-seventieth time ending up disappointed. To a point, though, we shouldn't get behind someone for the sake of getting behind them. We shouldn't do it just because we want someone, so badly, who we can trust. No, I don't believe that one day the Kingdom of God will just magically be realized through democracy. In other words, our hope shouldn't lie on the perfect candidate, our hope comes from outside the system--from a Kingdom which is not of this world.

So who would I like to vote for in the Presidential Election? Maybe it's not fair for me to tell you without further dialog about each candidate and about the whole scene. But I think I may have the "audacity" to give someone a chance.


Anonymous said…
You should just indulge and trust in food instead. It will never leave you nor forsake you.
Amanda Ellis said…
but what if he gets food poisoning? is not then, food forsaking him?