Mystery and Beauty

God, you’ve taken up our life into your life and our hearts into your heart. Mysterious God, You have created mysterious people. I cannot see the hearts of those around me; I cannot take their hearts into my own. But you, oh LORD, see and hold all of our hearts and have understood and loved them. Only You can give us peace, only You can give rest because only You have grasped the mystery. Give rest to the restless heart, joy to the troubled heart, and strength to the weary heart. Be in the places I can never go, heal the places I can never touch within the hearts of my friends. Do as only You can do.
You are mystery and You are beauty. Help us see the beauty of the mystery in our lives.


Anonymous said…
I love this. I just picked up Abraham Joshua Heschel's I Asked For Wonder because I think he's got some heavy thoughts on mystery.

You ever read that one?