'Delighted' in Lectures and Interviews

Before Delighted: What Teenagers Are Teaching the Church about Joy was actually written, its authors gave a series of lectures at Yale Divinity School for the Yale Youth Ministry Institute's Joy and Adolescent Faith and Flourishing project (part Yale University's Theology of Joy and the Good Life project). I've decided to pull links to these lectures and interviews together here for anyone who's interested in going deeper with the content of the book and seeing some of its ideas (some of them still in their embryonic stages) being worked out in front of a camera.

These lectures and interviews correspond to the core chapters of the book (the chapter links below will take you to playlists that include the videos that correspond to the content of that chapter from the book):

Chapter 2: "'Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me': Rethinking Friendship in Youth Ministry" by Wes Ellis and Kenda Creasy Dean 

Chapter 3: "Wonder and Onions: Reframing Celebration in Youth Ministry" by Abigail Visco Rusert and Kenda Creasy Dean

Chapter 4: "Trace My Hand: The Promise of Confession in Youth Ministry" by Justin Forbes and Kenda Creasy Dean