Tweet the Gospel?

I am currently participating in an "independent study" with several friends (conceived organized by Joshua Rodriguez) on "Preaching To Youth." It's generally about preaching in the context of youth ministry, taking seriously the realities of contemporary adolescence and the cultural influences which should and must condition the way we communicate the gospel. We've been benefitting from the academic contributions (i.e. dissertations) of Andrew Zirschky and Stephen M. Cady to help inform our discussions.

In discussing the dominance of social media in American (Western) society, a thought came up amongst us (mostly, I think, from Ted Jordan). In exploring how (and if) the gospel can be communicated through social media, "let's see what people would say if we asked them to tweet the gospel." How could the gospel be communicated in 140 characters or less? I'm planning on blogging a bit about this in the next several days, but I'd like to see what others would say... consider replying to my tweet: