Henry's Here!

In case you've been wondering where I've been... 

At 2:48pm on October 26, 2013, my wife Amanda gave birth to our first child, our son, Henry Wayne Ellis. Henry has kept us busy—changing diapers, feeding, and generally just looking at him in awe of the fact that he's finally with us. We still can't quite fathom it. We love him more than we knew we could, and we've only known him for less than 10 days. Even the difficulties of caring for a newborn (and there are difficulties) are overshadowed by the joy and the wonder of having this boy in our lives.

To me, Henry is nothing less than a profound manifestation of God's grace. When I look at him, I'm overwhelmed. And when I feel those feelings of love, of gratitude, of pure joy... I feel that I'm somehow tapping in to a larger reserve—I'm somehow participating in the love and the joy of the God who celebrates and loves God's creation. My love for Henry somehow points to the love of God... and yet, I did nothing to deserve or accomplish it.

Henry's here. And this love, this joy, the gratitude... it comes to me as a pure gift.  


John said…
Congratulations Wesley. He's a handsome chap. May the Lord bless you all in abundance.
Great news! Our congratulations and best wishes (especially for some sleep!) to both you and Amanda! What a wonderful new stage in your lives!