H. Adam Ackley, a transgender Christian, explains his situation

I shared earlier about H. Adam Ackley, a former professor of mine at Azusa Pacific University who has recently come out as transgender-masculine. I don't pretend to think that this news is not alarming to many people, so I thought it would be appropriate to offer an explanation regarding how a transgender person can be a Christian, even a teacher of theology and a preacher. I kinda wish such an explanation wasn't necessary, but we live in a society which is still learning how to think about our members who are of the LGBTQ community. We're barely beginning to legalize gay marriage, so it's not surprising that people would have trouble understanding transgender issues... especially from a particularly Christian perspective.

Now, I could offer some biblical and theological insights concerning the ethical legitimacy of transgender identity, but coming from me they'd be of limited value. So why don't I let Dr. Ackley explain it himself. He recently wrote this article for Huffington Post: "I'm Transgender-Masculine, a Lover of Men, and Living in Accordance With My Biblical Faith." It's brief—far too brief to be considered comprehensive—but it provides personal and articulate insight about being transgender and being Christian.
"...faithful sexual partnership grounded in covenant with God and community is sacramental, regardless of the gender of the couple celebrating that grace-filled sacrament. " 
"Loving one another in the ways that are God-given and natural for each of one of us as we are is the only love that is sacramental." 
I invite you to read Ackley's article. I don't pretend to think that some might take issue with and even disagree with some of what Dr. Ackley has written, but I do think it offers some depth of insight to the conversation that I couldn't expect to reach myself.