New Rollins Trailer

I've been a fan of Peter Rollins ever since I first heard him on Mars Hill's (Rob Bell's church) podcast a few years ago. Last year I read Insurrection (I wrote a short review) and I wasn't let down. Rollins could be accused of being a 'shock-doctor,' someone who's just out to shock people with extreme statements, and the accusation wouldn't be completely off. He definitely has a propensity for theological obscurity. But I don't think he's just out to shock you. I think that his disruptive style has a life-giving purpose of strengthening faith by evoking critical introspection. If he's going where I think he's going in his new book, it won't be without its own issues but it'll be definitely worth a read.

Here's the trailer for The Idolatry of God:

"Certainty is the sin of pharisees and bigots" -Friar Antony de Mello