Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally Something New from Rob Bell: Rediscovering Wonder

I love Rob Bell! ...not a surprise, I know...

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing for one of our summer youth group gatherings. I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted to go for that meeting so, like you do when you're not sure what to talk about, I looked through my Rob Bell Nooma library (which is complete). As I browsed through the all-too-familiar collection of DVD's I had a sad moment. "Will there be any more Noomas?" I thought, sure to myself that the answer was no.

Well, this is not officially a Nooma ...but c'mon...

I needed that... Not just because it's a refreshing signal that Rob Bell has emerged from the beating he took from evangelicals after Love Wins came out, but mostly because I needed that message... let's not forfeit our imaginations to cynicism.

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