What if God Was One of Us?

If God was one of us it would shatter our sense of hierarchy. It would rupture our holiness. Wealth would become poverty and power would become weakness.
If God was one of us, our religious claims would have to become our social claims. Our spirituality would be tested not by our ability to ponder deeply or pray eloquently. It would be measured by our love for our neighbors and our courage to speak on their behalf.
If God was one of us then God would get hungry, tired, sad, lonely, scared, frustrated, angry. God would dance, giggle, smile, run, jump, and celebrate.
If God was one of us, God would bleed and God would breathe.
If God was one of us, then God would be nothing like us. Because if God was one of us, God would feel like us, hurt like us, fear like us and so God wouldn't think of doing to us what we do to ourselves, what we do to God.
If God was one of us, compassion would be more important than control and love would conquer conquest.
If God was one of us, we'd all be ruined. We'd have to endure this crisis of faith: the realization that God is not somewhere else, pulling the leavers. We'd all be ruined and we'd all be saved.

God became one of us. God breathed and bled. Weakness became power. Poverty became wealth. The last became first and the crucified were no longer cursed.

Praise be to God, our sister on the street, our brother in the slums, our friend in the gutter, our cousin in the cross-hairs. Praise be to God who makes all things new.