Our Impending Relocation

I've always lived in Southern California. I've never lived further than two hours away from my current location. In fact, I currently live about 50 feet (no exaggeration) from the house in which I grew up from birth until college. My wife has always been a California girl. Indeed, it's been a while since she's even visited the East Coast. So you can imagine the potential for anxiety regarding our impending relocation to Princeton, New Jersey for Seminary. There's something crazy about a move like this one, I'll be the first to admit--especially since, on many levels, I'm already doing what I want to do (youth ministry).

It's not just that Princeton Theological Seminary is perhaps the best and most well-rounded theological school in the country (if I can say so, having not yet begun my journey there)... I don't think that's enough. It's not that we want to make more money someday. If it's about money, I think I may have chosen the wrong field. Primarily, we are making this crazy move because we believe that God has gone before us. We believe, despite our anxiety, even our fear, that God has directed our path.

If it is not out of trust in God and God's loving intention that we make our moves in the world, it is ever only out of ignorance or arrogance. So we trust in the God who leads us. We trust the God who offers neither prosperity nor comfort but embodies the promise of New Creation, that we may at one level or another participate in God's creative movement of restoration--the Kingdom of God which is immanently among us.


Amanda Ellis said…
:) cannot wait to start this new chapter with you!
Agent X said…

I have not visited your blog in a few years. Glad to find you again. Glad to see your progress in life. I think you were in school last time we communicated.

I had a buddy from college to to Princeton. Of course that was years ago, but I have always admired that decision. I wish you well and many blessings too.

Keep up the good work...

- the blogger formerly known as "Messianic Gentile"