For Your Holy Week Listening Pleasure: The Collection

Do you ever go through music droughts? You ever feel simply bored by the music you're listening to and yet unable to find anything new that excites you? Well, I go through those music droughts periodically and I'm not a fan of them. I was just recently talking about my musical boredom, but when it rains it pours... In the last several weeks I've "discovered" a couple of new bands about whom I am extremely excited. I've gotta mention Lost In The Trees, who I went and saw a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with them ever since, but I really want to tell you about The Collection.

I don't remember being this excited about a new group in quite a while. My lovely wife Amanda discovered them on Noise Trade a couple of days ago and ever since I heard them I've been intrigued and excited.

I hesitate to mention that their lyrics are distinctly and theologically Christian because I fear bundling them into the "Christian music" genre (I'm not typically patient with those categories). But I think that if you listen to them as a Christian band, you'll be surprised and refreshed by their uniqueness and creativity. Listening to The Collection is like breathing fresh air. And I think that in this particular season, with Good Friday and Easter Sunday quickly approaching, you'll find some great points of connection for theological and devotional reflection.

Have a listen and consider the lyrics. This is one of their more intense tracks. Enjoy, and be sure to look them up to hear more.


Danny said…
He reminds me a little of Sudan Steven. The music reminds me a little of aqualung.
wellis68 said…
We thought of Sufjan as well. Also Jordan Frye, Noah And The Whale, and even a little Jon Foreman.
Danny said…
That was an autocorrect error on my phone.
wellis68 said…
I figured it out :-)