Thank You

Loving God, thank you. Thank you for your generosity, for so many blessings. Thank you for your faithfulness--that our days do not end in darkness, that the day comes after the night. Thank you for your life-giving breath and your incredible graciousness. How can we respond but with gratitude? How can we move forward but with hope?

Sure, it may be dark right now. Sure, we may know that the direction we are headed will involve some pain, some disappointment, even some embarrassment. But if you are leading, how can we not follow? Your faithfulness and love are wider and longer than any amount of suffering. You have never failed us and us we trust, in this dark tomb, that resurrection is right around the corner. We trust, simply trust, in this moment of our utter depravity, that you will conquer. May we be conquerors with you. In the name of your gentle and humble and conquering Son, Jesus. Amen.