Here, Now, Under These Circumstances

Transcendent God, you hold time in your hands. You are everywhere. You are attentive to the all our circumstances. Thank you for putting us here; in this place, at this time, in these circumstances. You have given us, this generation and all the generations who share this time and these circumstances, the great commission to love and reflect your image into this world here and now. We have the opportunity to respond to the world's cries, unique as they are to this time and this place, as you would respond to them. This time is our chance. Let us not lift our souls to another, to any other than you. Let us not take our opportunity for granted. Nor let us take for granted our neighbors who depend upon us, even as we depend on our neighbors.

Lord, we don't care how history remembers us. Sure, it would be nice for history to remember our generation as the generation who ended poverty, liberated slaves, ended wars, and dismantled the threat of nuclear violence. But ultimately, Lord, we want to be remembered by you. Whatever the outcomes, we only want to be remembered by the ones we serve, even if their voices are marginalized and even if our gain is nothing more than the smiles of a few. We want to be obedient to you, shaped by your love and compelled by your goodness, now and in this place under these circumstances.

In the name of the one who entered history, responded to the needs of the people around him, humbled himself to the point of death, and has been exalted to the highest place. Amen.