Your Image, Our Selves

Creative God, you have made humankind in your image. That means that the things that describe you should also describe us and the things that move you should also move us. If you are good, we are good; if you are loving, we are loving; if you are creative, we are creative; if you are faithful, we are faithful. If you are moved by peace, we are moved by peace; if you are moved by justice, we are moved by justice. This is the truth about us even when we live in lies.

Thank you, God, that it is not the other way around. We are so grateful that you are not like us. Because we have chosen to live in lies, we have allowed so many other things to describe us and we have become moved by so many lesser things. Sin is what describes us and money is what moves us. Forgive us, Lord!

We submit ourselves to the process of forfeiting our false identity. We submit our counterfeit selves to you. Take them, bury them, we want them no more. We want to become a new creation, renewed in your image. We want to be ourselves again, people who are like you. For you are good, you are kind, you are loving, you are forgiving, you are generous, you are trusting, you are just, you are strong. You are moved by hope, driven by justice, and inspired by love. You are love. May we be conformed to your image. Amen.