Christianity for Dummies

Last night at our church we started a new 5 week series for "adult bible study" called "Christianity for Dummies: foundations of a Christian faith." It's taught by my step-dad, Hal, and myself. I'm used to teaching High School and Jr. High students and so this is a nice change of scenery (although I'm sure I'll be happy to go back to focusing on youth when I'm done).

Our goal is to keep things very basic without dumbing things down too much. So our structure is going to be very basic. Last night we talked about the bible itself... How did we get the books we've got? Why are there so many translations? Where do we start? And how do we avoid feeling totally overwhelmed? It turned out to be a great conversation! Next week we will be talking about God, a subject that can't be ignored in such a study. After that, we will get into human identity, salvation, and eschatology. It has been a fun and challenging study for which to prepare and it has also been quite helpful for me personally. No matter how "far along" you are, no matter how long you've been going to church, it is always helpful to go back to the basics and to be reminded of what's foundational, what's truly at the heart of what we are up to here. For our church in particular this is quite timely and we have been hungry for this kind of study. So we will gather and turn the gem and see what God might have to say to us.