New iPad

So last night Amanda and I went to Buca Di Beppo with her family and a bunch of my friends for my birthday dinner. Already that morning my lovely wife had given me the new Coldplay CD (Mylo Xyloto), which is a masterpiece by the way, so I was perfectly content and did not expect anything more for my birthday. It was awesome just to be with friends and family, hanging out and eating great food. I was already overwhelmed by how loved I felt. But just about the point that I thought my birthday was complete, Amanda pulled out a wrapped box of significant size. Surprised as could be, I unwrapped and opened a brand new iPad2... Even more surprised, I came to discover that everyone at the table and even some more of my close friends and family had all pitched in to get me that gift.

So, thanks to all my friends, I am currently blogging from my new iPad tablet. It feels good to be loved. And it's not just that they got me an awesome gift, gifts are great and stuff can be fun, but the fact that they all contributed and all showed up for my birthday was just overwhelming. Thanks friends!