Theology and Love

I often find myself downplaying the importance of theology... yes, even me. See, I really don't like seeing theology get in the way of the Church uniting together and gathering for a common purpose. But if I'm honest, I have to acknowledge that it is indeed theology that makes even such an openness to diversity a possibility.

Theology effects just about everything. Everything from our spending habits to our recycling efforts. Everything from how we look at the guy sleeping on the side of the road to how we view daytime television. Theology--that is how we understand God and the way God deals with our world and our reality--will change our values and it will determine whether we will be compassionate or empathetic in a given context or situation.

Just as important as discovering a theology that is "true" is discovering one that is just. Discovering and claiming q perspective on God and the world which will open us to the need of the people around us and simultaneously offer us hope for the direction of history is just as important as claiming a theology that is "biblical" or "right." Indeed, I'm convinced that both convictions--that of truth and that of justice (maybe even love)--will go hand in hand.

It is my prayer that God will not only draw me to a theological conclusion that prepares me to be hopeful and compassionate rather than cynical and empathetic, but also that God will truly and authentically draw me into the arms of forgiveness and love. Because it is only out of the experience of love that we can respond with love.
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