A Prayer for the People

God of Compassion and Grace, Thank you for your unrestricted mercy and your relentless generosity toward us. Though our vision is often clouded by the realities of suffering and storms, we know that we have much and that all we have is a gift from you. Invite us again to see and to celebrate your blessing. And be with us--offer your authentic , personal, and healing presence--in the midst of our pain and the pain of those around us. We need your grace. We need you to give us hope. We need you to give us peace and rest in our struggles. Breath anew your Spirit into our lungs. We know that your love for us is eternal and penetrating. It is unhindered by the our desirability or undesirability. It does not wait for us to act nor does it wait for us to be in need. Your love abides with us from the start and it is always your first move. God, teach us to live and move and to do all things as a response to your love, not as an attempt to acquire it. Teach us to love because you first loved us. In the name of your crucified and risen Son. Amen.