Information Overload at Youth Specialties

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm here at the Youth Specialties "National Youth Workers Convention 2010" in Mission Valley, San Diego. It's been information overload, as usual, and I wish I could just implement all of it. Although most of what I'm learning here is wonderful stuff, I'm just one man with a few helpful leaders and there's no way we can do it all. Sure it would be nice to have a mentoring program, a missions curriculum coupled with an amazing mission trip, a small group program, a parenting seminar on children of divorce, a series on healthy sexuality, no more find raisers, a worship band, and all sorts of other things all at once. But if I really went home tomorrow and tried to do it all right NOW I'm pretty sure my head would explode.

I guess that means I've had a productive weekend.

So what I simply have to do is focus on where we are right now in the life of our ministry and do what's best for now. I just have to focus on internalizing what I've learned here so that it becomes a natural part of what we do.

On that note, I went to two awesome seminars today, one from an old favorite and one from a new favorite. I went and saw Tony Campolo talk about how youth can attack poverty and then I went to one on "children of divorce" by a new favorite, Andrew Root. Both or them were phenomenal. And then I heard an incredible talk from Doug Fields on putting family before "the ministry." Needless to say, it was a pretty good day.
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Tom Pounder said…
I wish I could have been there to hear Doug speak on families first. That is very important. YS comferences are great for ideas & encouragement. Glad to hear you are going be patient in implementing new stuff so you don't drive yourself crazy. Good luck & God bless.