Going To Briefing

This weekend some of us from our Young Adult Bible Study group at church are going to Briefing, a young adult retreat, at Forest Home in Forest Falls, California. This Summer I already had the opportunity to take my Jr. High group to Creekside, the Jr. High camp at Forest Home, and my High Schoolers to Lakeview. I am now convinced that pretty much everything Forest Home does is exceptional and transforming. So, needless to say, I'm excited to take our Young Adults to Briefing.

The speaker this weekend is Bart Campolo, so I'm sure I'll have some thoughts to share after we return. I'm very much looking forward to hearing what he's got to share. Maybe I'll get a chance to blog about it while I'm up there but chances are I won't.

Pray that God will teach us and shape up this weekend and pray that we will be inspired and empowered to take whatever we learn back hone with us--to take that shaping and learning into all our various environments.
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