Back From Briefing

Yesterday we returned home From Briefing at Forest Home and man we had a good time. The speaker for the weekend was Bart Campolo, one of my new favorite humans, and boy did he stir things up. His message was powerful and it changed more than a few lives, not without pissing a few people off in the process. Anytime someone comes in and talks about justice, compassion, and loving all the wrong kinds of people, they're bound to ruffle some feathers. But, if you've read this blog for long, you can guess that I wasn't as much ruffled as I was inspired--not because I'm so good at loving people and caring for the poor but because I really wish I were. Bart was able to put into words--employing all kinds of stories from his very incredible personal life--a plurality of ideas for which I only have limited language. In other words, I wish I could say what he said.

Bart spoke four times, and every talk was challenging in a different way. I think each of his talks are worth some discussion, so my plan is to take some of the next few posts to talk about what Bart said at Briefing. I believe the talks will be available online soon, so I post that link when it's available.

Bart wasn't the only good thing about Briefing. They also had some really good workshops and late night options. It was really good to see some of the staff there who have become friends of ours. Even though we don't get to spend too much time with them, that one week during the summer really feels longer and we do actually miss them when we're not there. It was just a really great weekend!