The Truth About Us

Today was David Auten's first Sunday service as our settled pastor. And what an amazing Sunday it was. I just want to share the Prayer of Invocation that we prayed together this morning. I don't know if David wrote it or not but it's just a beautiful prayer.

"Holy God, we gather this day to give thanks for your steadfast love and to experience afresh Your desire to gather all people into communities of justice, peace, and reconciliation. With Christ as our guide, we seek to grow into 'a new self'. Created in Your image the truth about us is that we are generous, compassionate, welcoming. Baptized into Christ, we seek to love all our sisters and brothers with Christ's inclusive love that refrains from judging and which extends a warm embrace to the stranger. Send your Spirit among us. Inspire our imaginations and our commitment to one another. We pray in the name of the One who was called the Prince of Peace, Amen."

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