Faith Worth Getting Up For

An unbelievably large number of people in America don't get up on Sunday morning to go to church. And who could blame them? The Jesus we usually talk about in church just isn't worth getting up for.
Death has lost its sting and the grave has been opened to new life, new possibilities, a new world. Everything is changing, growing, shifting, boiling over with anticipation. Fresh air is filling our lungs and the colors of mercy, grace, and reconciliation are filling the sky. Justice for weak, acceptance for the depraved, food for the hungry, love for the whole of all creation is invading, infecting, pursuing, captivating, cultivating, consuming our lives and our world. The God of the universe has fallen for us, has given it all up for us, has opened up to us and we can never be the same. The crucified Christ, who makes all things new, has risen from death and defeated the curse of sin and despair and he has invited us to be a part of it. The whole world is changing because of the Love of this God, the God revealed in the man from Nazareth. Are you ready? Are you grateful? Has it occurred to you? Is it worth getting up for? Even on a Sunday morning?