Take the Tactics out of Evangelism

Why do we find evangelism, sharing faith and inviting people to follow Jesus, to be such a difficult task? Now I realize that some of us don't see evangelism as an obligation, and it is indeed true that many of us make more of it than it is--some take it to the opposite extreme and evangelism becomes conquest oriented and manipulative. However, if we believe that Christ is "the mystery of God" and in him are "all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:1-7)--if we see the gospel as the only true guide to the heart of reality and to the truest existence--then evangelism isn't an obligation to be fulfilled but a natural response to having discovered such a treasure. It's not that we're trying to "get people saved" it's that we're inviting them to join us on a journey into the best possible kind of life. It's not about conquest, it's not about persuasion, it's just about telling your story, listening to others, and letting God do the rest.

We put so much effort into writing books filled with methods and tactics. We waste so much time trying to find the most convincing arguments when the truth is that it's not our responsibility to convince or conquer. God is passionate about his people. He pursues them. He wants our hearts. He will do the persuading, he will woo us. We don't have to form methods or win arguments, we just have to build relationships--the kind of relationships that are authentic enough for people to recognize just who it is that captivates us. God speaks, indeed God exists in those kinds of relationships and through them he will draw us closer to him.

So screw the tactics, forget the obligation. Just let Christ captivate your heart and then take that heart and love others. Love others so that they might see God in you and then God will pursue them. Let our faith be the heart of our lives and then let the sharing of life be our best method of sharing our faith.