Married To My Love

As of June 19, 2010 (my new favorite date on any calendar) I am married to the most beautiful woman on the entire planet. Don't try to argue with me, it is absolute and objective reality that Amanda Ellis is the single most beautiful person alive on planet Earth today! Yet, alas, her taste in men is lacking...

We had a gorgeous ceremony (special thanks to Rev. Steve Swope ((to our otherwise "interim" engagement, a wonderful permanence has been added))) which held and still holds great meaning to Amanda and me. The church was warm and packed-out but things seemed to come together in perfection.

Our reception was an absolute blast! Special thanks to Hal, my step-dad, for doing just about everything other than cake and decorations! Thanks also to Caylor, Vicky, Joanne, and everyone else who helped transform the Pilgrim Hall into a beautiful reception hall. It was truly a fun-filled and special reception. We danced the night away with friends and family and then, at about 9:15pm, our limo picked us up and we were off to our week long honeymoon to the Mexican Riviera. There's simply too much to share all the details but we had a wonderful honeymoon... nothing in the world mattered but her and my love for her.

It's amazing, this marriage thing, and it's so profoundly humbling to be married and to be so very in love with someone who loves me just as much!

Amanda Jane Ellis, I love you--all of you--with all of me.


Unknown said…
The words were so annoited of Gods*Love*!!!that you wrote Wes and I pray Gods blessings to you and my adorable grandaughter of whom we too are so proud of!!!Love'n'Christ,Doyle and Bess
Robin Dugall said…
great post! I'm excited for you and your new bride brother!