What's going on?

Well, let's see... I'm getting married in a little over a month, I'm working toward beginning the ordination process with the UCC, I just bought a new car, I just upgraded my phone (and I'm still learning how to use it), our church is acquiring a bus for the Youth Ministry which means new licensing for me, our church is (hopefully) closing in on some candidates for our settled pastor position, I still have to take traffic school for the ticket I got in March, I'm gearing up to begin graduate school in the fall, and--lemme just say it one more time--I'm getting married! There's a whole lot of stuff happening all at once and I'm not even close to ready for it all. Thus, I have explained my apparent lack of blogging consistency.

I believe that God is in all of this and that God is stirring all new things in me which, I believe, will spark new insight and new introspection (which should make for some pretty good blogging). So, sorry if I'm not as consistent as I can be but look for more in the near future.