Rich Christians In An Age Of Hunger

I finally just finished reading Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ron Sider. Here's a fantastic quote from the book:
"At a time when Marxism has collapsed and democratic capitalism is in danger of an overconfident neglect of its own failures, we must continue to re-examine economics from a thoroughly biblical perspective. We need economists immersed in biblical faith who will rethink economics as if poor people mattered... at the heart of God's call for jubilee is a divine demand for socioeconomic structures that provide all people with the opportunity to acquire the capital necessary to earn their own way. We must discover new, concrete models for applying this biblical principal in our interdependent world. I hope and pray for a new generation of economists and political scientists who will devote their lives to formulating, developing, and implementing a contemporary model of jubilee." -Sider (Page 266)
I have written a quick review over at Community of the Risen. Please pop by that site and leave a comment.